Xenadrine Side Effects

The company responsible for the development of Xenadrine, Cytodyne, was liable of making false claims and was fined in 2005. These claims were that the supplement Xenadrine EFX which is a redeveloped version of the genuine Xenadrine could be effective without exercise and diet.

Unsafe Ingredients

This is one of the few supplements that has Ephedrine in the market. It’s been restricted by the FDA because the dangerous side effects is capable to provoke.


Even if Xenadrine doesn’t list Ephedra in its ingredients list it contains a Chinese herb known as “Ma Huang” which is rich in Ephedrine and is metabolized into a chemical substance equal to Ephedrine.

Ephedrine Side Effects

It can cause high blood pressure, heart attack, seizures, strokes and even death. Among other side effects we could cite; sleeplessness, irregular heartbeat, headaches and nausea. Xenadrine also contains a heart stimulant identical to Speed which is very dangerous and highly addictive.

Among other names that Ephedrine has on its product labels are; sinica, sida cordifolia, ma huang and epitonin.

Raspberry Ketones

It is a weight loss supplement made by extracting the ketone enzyme from raspberries, otherwise people would have to take so many of them to achieve the similar benefits of getting 300 mg of ketones in a single serving of it. This supplement is one of the most recent weight loss breakthroughs, with a huge amount of popularity in the media nowadays.

Raspberry Ketones Max Ingredients

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones increases metabolism, fat oxidation and energy levels.

Apple Cyder Vinegar

It cleanses you internally, dumping excessive toxins and fat out of the body, eliminates wastes from the body, therefore been beneficial to the digestive system.

Green Tea Extract

It has thermogenics or fat burning properties.

Kelp Extract

Supports the thyroid which is an important player in weight loss and the nervous system.

African Mango

It increases energy, curbs appetite and burns fat.

Acai Berry

The one from the Amazons improves fitness and health.


It has powerful digestive enzymes, pectin, vitamin c and is a fiber rich source.

Side Effects

According to the official site the only possible side effects are allergic reactions to raspberries or similar fruits.

Actually there are claims that decreases blood pressure which might be a side effect for some, but for others might be an added benefit. Raspberry ketones are made of pure raspberry ketones, not additives or preservatives.

The Way It Works?

It increases metabolism by increasing the amount of adiponectin especially the fat cells fatty acids. Even if scientists don’t completely understand the way, the more this substance or hormone the easiest the body uses fatty cells as energy or lypolysis.

Things That Can Do For You

It has fat burning capabilities while increases metabolism. This results in more energy for your usual activities. Meaning reduction of fatigue which is one of the advantages that a lot of weight loss supplements lack.

Buy It Where?

If you buy Rapberry ketones Max from the official site automatically will be enrolled in their online fitness program which will give you customized exercise and diet programs and more. Make sure to see their Online Health Resource Center the moment you buy your first order.

The second bonus is an E-book download; “Weight Loss Secrets” which is valued at $29.97 and the third bonus is another Ebook download named “Summer Diets” at a $29.97 value.

There are different packages to choose from depending on your particular needs; one is the $149.95 package which will last you for 6 months; three bottles plus three free.

The $99.95 package is 3 months supply; two bottles plus one free.

The Third is $49.95 and is a single month supply.

As you could see there are few side effects associated with Raspberry Ketone Max, and many really dangerous Xenadrine side effects.

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