This weight loss supplement is one of the most popular in the USA because is considered a nutritional supplement by FDA standards and not a drug. It is manufactured by Cytodyne Technologies in New Jersey.

The principal ingredient in its master formula, Xenadrine RFA-1 is the one that comes from the ephedra plant and is called ephedrine. This is capable of enhancing metabolism, meaning that fatty cells are melted down to produce energy while also curbs appetite.

Xenadrine Side Effects

The effects of the aforementioned ephedrine are similar to amphetamines, or speed, which could be lethal for some people. This ingredient can rise blood pressure and heart rate, meaning that people who suffer high blood pressure and heart problems should not take it.

From 1993 to 2000 have been supposedly 81 deaths, many heart attacks and strokes according to FDA records, as of June of 2002 more than 100 deaths had been accounted to the FDA because of the use of ephedrine.

Xenadrine has been also associated with psychotic disorders, people with mental problems or at risk of psychiatric disorders are warned not to use it.

What Is Raspberry Ketones Max?

Unlike Xenedrine this is a 100% natural weight loss supplement and has a compound that comes from raspberries, Raspberry Ketone, which is organic and looks like it stimulates adiponectin production, this protein regulates metabolism.

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

Generally speaking is side effects free, however if there is any allergic reaction to raspberries or identical fruits, then it could lead to them.

Raspberry ketones are made of pure raspberry ketones, not additives or preservatives. Actually there are claims that decreases blood pressure. Might be a side effect for some, but for others might be an added benefit.

How Does It Work?

Even if scientists don’t completely understand the way, it increases metabolism by increasing the amount of adiponectin especially in the fat cells fatty acids. The more this substance or hormone the easiest the body uses fatty cells as energy or lypolysis.

What Can It Do For You?

It has fat burning capabilities while increases metabolism. This results in more energy for your usual activities. Meaning reduction of fatigue which is one of the advantages that a lot of weight loss supplements lack.


Raspberry ketones

Increases energy levels, metabolism and fat oxidation.


It has powerful digestive enzymes, pectin, vitamin c and a fiber rich source.

Acai Berry

Improves fitness and health, especially the one from the Amazon.

Apple Cyder Vinegar

Eliminates wastes from the body, therefore been beneficial to the digestive system, it cleanses you internally, dumping excessive toxins and fat out of the body.

Green Tea Extract

It has fat burning capabilities.

African Mango

It curbs appetite, burns fat and increases energy.

Kelp Extract

Supports the thyroid which is an important player in weight loss and the nervous system.

What Are People Saying?

This person ordered it after seen the show of Dr. Oz. She likes the product even if makes her a little jittery, since this person is not used to have a lot of caffeine. The product and shipping are great. Annonymous

How Much?

Depending on the need of yours it is offered in different packages, one bottle costs $49.95 which is a one month supply.

The other pack is three months supply that comes with two bottles plus one free and is only $99.95.

The third package is six bottles and offers you three free, it costs $149.95.

Where To Buy It?

By buying from the official website you will automatically have access to the free membership online fitness program. The moment you get your first order make sure to see their online Health Resource Center. This will help you ensure your success by showing you customized diet and exercise programs and a lot more.

The second bonus is an E-book download; “Weight Loss Secrets” which is valued at $29.97 and the third bonus is another Ebook download named “Summer Diets” at a $29.97 value.

I find Rapberry Ketones Max to be a much safer alternative to Xenadrine, so if you want to achieve the same results without side effects this is probably better for you.

 Buy Raspberry Ketones Max From The Official Safe Website To Melt Away Those Extra Pounds

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